About Us

We love what we do.

Our mission is helping organizations avoid wasting money on bad software solutions, overrunning budgets for software implementations and receiving consulting advice from organizations with an agenda to sell a particular solution.


These beliefs we hold in high esteem.

  • Understanding Needs
  • Understanding customer needs and recommending the best approach or solution to solve their problem, whether we provide that product or service or another organization does. We don’t stop at our recommendations; we want to see them through implementation for the customer.
  • Money Matters
  • Technology solutions and strategies must be developed in accordance with the budget to support them. The best solution must encompass how much money there is to implement it
  • Custom Software
  • The business differentiation for an organization is the customization of its software to maximize its business processes. That is how an organization will beat its competitors. An organization should not have to change how it executes its processes because the software they purchased will not allow them to do it that way. Software should change to meet an organization’s needs and not the other way around.
  • Every Organization is Different
  • We do not believe in one technology over another. We also do not believe in one software product over another in all situations. We believe in recommending the right solution to fit the business problem the organization is trying to solve.
  • Work Ethic
  • We do not believe we have a 9 to 5 job. Our customers span across the US and all over the world. As such, we work when they do and if they want us to be onsite or in person we will be there for them.